Consolidating Lewiston and Auburn is the best move forward for our community. The future without consolidation is very clear: reduced services and/or higher taxes.

In an effort to keep taxes down, Lewiston had to eliminate 66 positions through the past 15 years.

During the past six years, Auburn’s leadership decided to stand alone, withdrawing funding for the Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council and L/A Arts. Auburn is looking at a 9.7 percent tax increase.

The no-merger folks think that this status quo is just fine for the future. Is this what people want?

I am not willing to settle for less service and higher taxes. I want a plan for the future. COLAC has no plan, only fear-mongering.

“We won’t get our mail.” (The zip code will deliver anyone’s mail regardless of what is written for a city.)


“The new EL will be delayed.” (Maybe by a month or two so that discussions can be held about the incredible possibilities of having two high schools in one city.)

“The elitists are muffling voices with only five wards.” (The city government will be as representative as the 10 councilors people elect.)

The COLAC financial numbers are the greatest shell game I have ever witnessed.

I am willing to work with the transition team to find the best options for the future of my community, and I am supporting new leaders who have a vision and willingness to support the decision of the voters. Hopefully, that decision is consolidation.

Tamera Grieshaber, Lewiston

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