I write this in response to the Sun Journal front page article “Expanding Medicaid a hot issue” (Nov. 3).

Anyone reading that article might want to step into a restroom and, when reading the second paragraph where it is stated that the federal government will be paying for 90 percent of the tab, stop for a minute and look into the mirror. You will see who the federal government is, who will be paying for that 90 percent of the tab.

That is right — it is you if you are a tax-paying member of this society.

Why do members of the press have to spin it to sound like people are getting free money?

So, not only is the public paying for the supposed state share of $54 million, the taxpaying public is also paying for the federal government’s share of $525 million, for a total of $579 million. Do hard-working taxpayers really have that to spend?

It is no wonder why the federal government is $21 trillion in debt.

Those who took my advice and are in a restroom looking into a mirror might need a nearby seat to ponder the situation.

Donald Dubuc, Minot