Mainers have gotten used to national attention of the less complimentary kind since electing Paul LePage to be governor.

However, now, it can thank our Oxford County sheriff for making us the focus once again of national attention and the butt of lewd jokes.

As the Washington Post reported: “County investigates Maine sheriff who sent lewd image.”

Not only did Wayne Gallant take and send a lewd photo of his genitalia while sitting in his county office dressed in full uniform but, according to the Teamsters Union, which represents the deputies, he also has allegedly made unwanted solicitations for sex to at least two of his employees. This tidbit is under investigation.

When confronted with the photo last week, by CBS local television station WGME-13, Gallant admitted it was in fact him in the photo. He then made a somewhat grandiose statement with regard to his position as president of the Maine Sheriff’s Association stating:

“I bring discredit to myself, to my uniform, my badge and the Maine Sheriffs’ Association (MSA). The appropriate thing for me to do is not remain in a leadership position with the association and to step down.”


However, he cheerfully signed on with Oxford County dispatch the following morning, and went to work.

Not only has he made a fool of himself, but he has most certainly lost respect from his constituents, let down those who elected him and put each and every one of the personnel under him at a disadvantage in a job that is already fraught with danger and suffering from disrespect.

Gallant was correct in his statement to the MSA. He has brought discredit to the uniform, the badge, every deputy and sheriff in the state, his county and his family.

The photo alone did that.

And, yes, the appropriate thing to do is not remain in leadership position either with the association or with the county.

The appropriate thing to do is step down. Immediately.

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