The immorality of the Republican tax reform bill before Congress is distressing. It will strip crucial resources from people who are most in need: families working toward independence; workers and their children needing health care to stay strong; elders needing Social Security to keep up with the cost of living.

It is a cynical attempt to cripple the essential functions of government that protect income stability, health, safety and economic opportunity for all Americans.

The beneficiaries of this irresponsible bill are people who are doing just fine, thriving, protected, well-insured, whose income has risen rapidly and far beyond the struggling middle and lower income families in this country.

Large American corporations are doing well. They can easily pay their fair share as a reasonable response to how much communities have helped make their profits possible.

And, surely, friends, neighbors and family who lost so much in the Great Recession should not see their taxes rise or change little to pay for huge tax cuts for those who do not need them.

Particularly distressing is the loss of tax incentives that allow non-profit groups to add space to provide essential services in this community, like the Center for Wisdom’s Women’s project to house women recovering from addiction or trauma.

Sadly, the bill eliminates that and many other resources that impact basic survival for many people. All so those with much will have more? It is just wrong.

Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Bruce Poliquin must vote “no.”

Peg Hoffman, Lewiston

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