The first significant snowfall of the season is on the way this weekend. If it’s any consolation to those who have to suffer through it, at least Mainers are not alone.

According to the National Weather Service, typically warm areas including Galveston, Texas, and Birmingham, Alabama, are also getting snow. Significant snow. Plowable amounts.

Does that help?

Weather forecasters say the Lewiston area will likely see half a foot by the time the Saturday afternoon storm winds down. Points north, including Rumford and Rangeley, are expecting a mere 4 inches.

Those figures were slightly above forecasts earlier in the week that predicted 2 or 3 inches at most.

Weather officials say the storm will begin Saturday afternoon and wind down in the evening.


“It has to happen eventually,” said Jim Palmer of New Auburn. “I get to break in our new snowblower.”

In an attempt to coax some kind of fun out of the season’s first storm, the National Weather Service in Gray was offering a guide to measuring snow on its Facebook page.

“Measure as soon as the snow stops,” the guide advises, “to avoid lower totals due to melting, settling and drifting.”

Not that everyone needed the weather service to provide wintertime fun: local ski areas were downright giddy about the season’s first storm.

“Predictions are a bit varied over Saturday’s system; however, the consensus is that the Loaf could see 3-5 inches tomorrow night,” according to Sugarloaf Ski Resort. “Giddy up, Sugarloafers, things are about to get snowy around here.”

Police in several towns announced parking bans Friday night. In Auburn, a ban was announced between Saturday night and late Sunday afternoon.

Although only 6 inches at most are predicted, forecasters have been pointing out that it will leave streets and driveways in need of clearing.

But take comfort in the fact that the people of Galveston have to go out and clear their driveways, too. And most of them don’t own shovels.

National Weather Service guide to measuring snow.

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