Dirigo/Mountain Valley Nordic Skiing

Coach: Ann Speth (sixth year)

Conference: MVC; Class: C

Last year’s results: Boys — fifth in MVC, ninth in state championships; Girls — third in MVC, eighth in state championships.

Returning athletes: Senior — Kaiya Martin; Junior — Tory Averill, Ethan couture, Riley Dumont; Sophomore — Damien Nadeau.

Key losses: Justin Cantin, Nicole Whitman, Lily Meehan, Ashley Hutchinson.


Season outlook: After losing much of their varsity girls’ team, Dirigo/Mountain Valley will be starting from scratch this season. The girls’ team will be returning three skiers, while the boys’ will return three, as well as adding six new skiers to the entire team.

Edward Little Nordic Skiing

Coach: Eric Cobb (second year)

Conference:KVAC Class: A

Last year’s results: Boys — ninth in KVAC; Girls — seventh in KVAC, ninth in state championship.

Returning athletes: Sophomores — Christian Hiscock


Promising newcomers: Junior — Matt Syphers; Freshmen — Noah Morgan, John Howaniec, Finn Thistle, Aiden Morrison, Cameron Langlois, Deven Egge, Tristian Brezovsky, Harrison Bigos—Lowe, Casey Burhoe.

Key losses: Tyme Finnerty, Kirsten Main, Hannah Stauffer.

Season outlook: Edward Little is looking to bounce back after a disappointing 2016 season. Head coach Eric Cobb is excited about the season and thinks the Eddies will be competitive in every meet with a good group of freshmen.

Gray-New Gloucester Nordic Skiing

Coach: Jeff McEvoy (ninth year)

Conference: KVAC Class: B


Returning athletes: Junior — Mike Sutherland.

Promising newcomers: William Maines.

Season outlook: Only two skiers for the Gray—New Gloucester this year as they try to grow from the ground up. Junior Mike Sutherland is a strong skier who looks to add more speed, while William Maines is a fast freshman who looks to build a foundation in high school nordic skiing.

Leavitt Nordic Skiing

Coach: Dustin Williamson (15th year)

Conference: KVAC Class: A


Last year’s results: Boys — fourth at KVAC, fourth at states; Girls — third at KVAC, fourth at states.

Returning skiers: Seniors — Ashley Blouin, Justin Cabral, Taylor Crosby, Isaac Dionne, Megan Lynch, Ryan Pratt, Ally Ryan, Colton Santomango. Juniors — Tamra Benson, Roy Varney. Sophomores — Eli Lind, Ava Petrin, Everet Varney.

Key losses: Jason Labbe, Noah Lind, Emily Thibodeau, Alex Kern, Tanner Binette.

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Ben Hodgkin, Hyla Webster. Sophomores — Matthew Castagna, Alex Hawksley. Freshmen — Eli Bell, Eleanor King, Abigayle Lavoie, Jessica Lynch, Zach Madison, Ellery Macgregor, Jaidyn Negley, Tanner Sawyer, Nick Tirrell.

Season outlook: This year’s team provides another great mix of experienced and beginner skiers. Several have put in some great summer and fall training and all are ready to improve. There is a strong group of athletes that are willing to work hard and to have fun.

Maranacook/Winthrop/Gardiner Nordic Skiing


Coach: Steve DeAngelis (34th year)

Conference: KVAC Class: B

Last year’s results: Boys — tied first in KVAC, first in state championship; Girls — tied first in KVAC, first in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Mark McLaughlin, Laura Parent, Maddie Taylor; Juniors — Luke Bartol, Tate Mendall, Bryce Trefethen; Sophomores — Carter McPhedran, Maura Taylor, Ashley Cray.

Promising newcomers: Ellen Nyhlin, Cambelle Nutting, Maggie Stokes, Sophie O’Clair.

Key losses: Zach Holman, Ruslan Reiter, Ian Halberstadt, Abby Despres, Camille Kavanah, Brielle Bondeson.


Season outlook: After sweeping the KVAC and state championship meets, Maranacook returns nine skiers from those championship—winning teams. The experience that Maranacook has looks to push them to another state title. Laura Parent returns to defend her Class B individual state title.

Monmouth Nordic Skiing

Coach: Chris Bryant (seventh year)

Conference: MVC Class: C

Last year’s results: Girls — first in MVC; Boys — fourth in MVC.

Returning athletes: Senior — Danielle Parker; Junior — Kyle Gunnells; Sophomore — Bea Stewart.


Season outlook: With no new skiers and just three total on the team, Monmouth is focusing on building off a successful 2016 season. The skiers really enjoy skiing and will be keeping things fun this year, coach Chris Bryant said. 

Mt. Abram Nordic Skiing

Coach: Buzz Bean (32nd year)

Conference: MVC Class: B

Last year’s results: Boys — first in MVC, fifth in state championship; Girls — second in MVC, fifth in state championship.

Returning athletes: Senior — Katie Maxsimic; Juniors — Brandon Hemingway, David Kidd, Levi Bouchard, Dillon Starbird, Dylan Wells, Alice Cockerham.


Key losses: Verman Romanski.

Season outlook: Mt. Abram returns much of their successful 2016 nordic ski teams. Four skiers on the boys’ team competed last year at the New England Nordic Ski Association U16 New England Championships, giving Buzz Bean more experience to work with in his 32nd year as coach.

Mt. Blue Nordic Skiing

Coach: Claire Polfus (third year)

Conference: KVAC Class: A

Last year’s results: Boys — tied first at KVAC, first at state championship; Girls — tied first at KVAC, first at state championship.


Returning athletes: Seniors — Meg Charles, Kayla White, Zoe Huish, River Lisius; Juniors — Sam Smith, Sam Stinson, Dominic Giampietro, Mike Gurney.

Promising newcomers: Jesse Dalton, Alden Thompson—Vought, Ben Andrews, Gretchen Huish, Kahryn Cullenberg.

Key losses: Tucker Barber, Nolan Rodgers, Isaiah Reid, Julia Ramsey, Grace Andrews.

Season outlook: While Mt. Blue lost some seniors, including state champions Tucker Barber and Julia Ramsey, the Cougars look to defend their boys and girls state championships with an exciting group of skiers. A good mix of juniors and seniors look to step into leadership roles and keep Mt. Blue’s winning tradition alive.

Oxford Hills Nordic Skiing

Coach: Chris Easton (37th year)


Conference: KVAC Class: A

Last year’s results: Boys — third in KVAC, third in state championship; Girls — seventh in KVAC, seventh in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Isaac McNutt, Cameron Bancroft; Juniors — Olivia Swift; Sophomores — Tom Bancroft.

Key losses: Nate McNutt, Zane Dustin, Dominic Sclafani, Graham Huckins.

Season outlook: With just two seniors on the entire team, head coach Chris Easton will be looking for the smallest team he’s ever coached to step up to the challenge. The girls team has no seniors but have good talent, while Cameron Bancroft will look to build off of a successful junior season.

Spruce Mountain Nordic Skiing


Coach: Jay Lindsey (second year)

Conference: KVAC Class: B

Last year’s results: Boys — seventh at KVAC, eighth at state championships; Girls — fifth at KVAC.

Returning athletes: Juniors — Bryce Chavez, Joel Hussey; Sophomore — Eugene Lindsey.

Key losses: Emma DiPompo, Tanna Herlihy.

Season outlook: With only three boys and zero girls, Spruce Mountain looks to focus on improving throughout the season off of their seasons last year. Freshman Jack Gilbert will be skiing on both the alpine and nordic ski teams.


Telstar Nordic Skiing

Coach: Sarah Southam (sixth year)

Conference: MVC Class: C

Last year’s results: Boys — second in MVC, third in state championship; Girls — fourth in MVC, seventh in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Gaelan Boyle-Wight, Marta Opie; Juniors — Ricco Call, Emily Hanscom, Koley True.

Promising newcomers: Junior — Gabe Pasternak.

Key losses: Josh Eliot, Elijah Laird, Kellen True.

Season outlook: Telstar returns some talented skiers on both teams. The team is excited to host the Telstar Relays on January 6th.

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