Just to put it out there, we’re not like Oprah in many, many ways — that’s a high fabulousity bar to set — but we, too, have Favorite Things.

Things that make us laugh. Things that make us feel cozy. Things that make cleaning the toilet 95 percent less awful — and heck yeah, that’s worth celebrating.

This week Bag Lady and Shopping Siren tick down four of their favorite things in a nod to Oprah’s Favorite Things 2017.

(Worth noting: Oprah’s list of 102 things this year begins with her own book. We’re just going to say it … that’s a little, um, unusual. However, Oprah’s revelation on No. 25 that she didn’t get her ears pierced until age 51 is both personal and endearing enough to bring us back. Well played, Oprah, well played.)

Hope you find some new favorites here. And don’t be shy — we always love to hear about yours!

Bag Lady:


Favorite perfume: Beyonce Heat Rush, Kohl’s, $34

It’s light, pretty and sweet without being too flowery or the least bit overpowering. I found it after running out of a HUGE bottle of my former fave (OP Blend. Yes, I’m old), discovering that it had apparently been discontinued and hitting the Kohl’s perfume wall with a vengeance. And trust me, the Kohl’s perfume wall is something you don’t hit lightly.

Favorite bathroom cleaner: Clorox Toilet Wand refills, 20-pack, Hannaford, about $11

OK, a weird candidate for a Favorite Things list, but hear me out: I don’t love cleaning the toilet. If I can do it at a distance by swirling a stick with an industrial scrubber around, all the better. Even better, for reasons I can’t fathom but deeply appreciate, Hannaford sells a 20-pack of refills for about $1 more than its 10-pack. It makes no sense, but it makes me deeply happy.

Favorite bathrobe: Sheepy fleece white robe, Pine Cone Hill, $92

It’s a foolish amount to spend on a bathrobe, no argument, but if you’re looking for a comfort splurge, it’s so worth it. Mr. Bag Lady got it for me for Christmas in 2014 after he spotted it on Oprah’s Favorite Things list that year. (I know. I was shocked, too.) Three years later, it’s just as super soft and plush, with zero pilling, as it was that Christmas morning.


Favorite podcast: “Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald,” honorable mentions to “B*tch Sesh” and NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”

“Juicy Scoop” and “B*tch Sesh” are commuting guilty pleasures. They’re 88 percent “Real Housewives” recap and analysis (think “SportsCenter” except, “Does she really have cancer or not?” “Ugh, when is she going to leave that jerk?” and “Who throws a birthday party for a 2-year-old in a beer garden? Really now.”) The other 12 percent is laughter, interviews and good times. “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” is awesome in its own right and a nice catty palate cleanser. Mr. Bag Lady can stand exactly none of them, but at least he bought me the robe …

Shopping Siren:

Favorite makeup: Maybeline’s Instant Age Rewind dark circle eraser, anywhere Maybeline is sold, about $9

I discovered this under-eye dark circle wonder a year or so ago after a particularly sleep-deprived period. Smudge on, blend and watch the dark circles vanish. It’s pretty much magic in a bottle. Magic that’s available at most drug stores. 

Favorite seasonal treat: Limited Time Originals peppermint-chocolate sandwich cookies, Hannaford, $2.99


I have learned one important thing about myself over the years: I cannot have Oreos in the house. They’ll vanish in a haze of chocolate crumbs within hours, leaving only tight-fitting pants and an extreme sugar rush in their wake. Turns out these Limited Time Originals cookies are even better. (Or maybe worse.) These cookies are what happens when Oreos and Thin Mints fall in love, host a lavish destination wedding and have a baby. They’re that good. Buy several boxes. 

Favorite way to stay healthy: Airborne tablets and generic versions, wherever you buy meds, about $5

Some people swear by these immune system-boosting fizzy tablets. Others think they’re bunk. After several colds seemed to be vanquished by the stuff, both Bag Lady and I are firmly in the swear-by-them camp. Pop a tablet into a cup of water and drink. It’s that easy. We’ve never noticed a difference between the name-brand Airborne and generic versions sold at big-box stores and supermarkets in the area, except the generics cost a dollar or two less. Conquer a cold and save money … it’s a holiday miracle.   

Favorite money saver: MoviePass, Moviepass.com, $9.95 a month

MoviePass has been around for a while, but the program made national news over the summer when it slashed its price from about $30 a month to less than $10. People went bonkers for it. Shopping Siren was one of those bonkers. Pay $10 a month and see a movie in the theater. For free. Every day. There are some caveats — of course — like 3-D movies aren’t allowed and you can’t buy your ticket in advance. But mostly it’s a great way to see movies without paying a ton to do it. Unless you count popcorn. And a box of peppermint sandwich cookies.

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren’s true identities are protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who’s Favorite Thing is a good pig ear, pure and simple) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach them at baglady@sunjournal.com and shoppingsiren@sunjournal.com.

Pine Cone Hill’s sheepy fleece bathrobe: A former Oprah’s Favorite Thing, current Bag Lady’s Favorite Thing. (Online photo)

Airborne: One of Shopping Siren’s Favorite Things. (Online photo)

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