100 years ago, 1918
If ever the Auburn water works had a hard job it was on Upper Court Street where the water burst forth in a torrent Monday evening. The earth is as hard as granite. Men can work at it only a little while before their wrists begin to swell and turn blue and then they have to be replaced by new men. Lime is slacked over the earth during the nights so as to soften it but this can be done only during the nights for the crews cannot wait for its heat to operate during the daylight for this is pre-eminently a rush job.

50 years ago, 1968
Newly-named Lewiston City Planner John Sparbel and Lewiston Fire Chief Roland G. Dumais meet this afternoon at the chief’s office to discuss location of a new central fire station. Chief Dumais first explained conditions at the present station to the planner, noting that the newest part of the building was 50 years old. He told Sparbel that the roof was of slate and was giving the department trouble, and that the building needed to be completely rewired. He also stated that the present kitchen area was formerly the stables and the upstairs area was once used to store hay. Chief Dumais explained that it was estimated repairs to the building would cost $45,000 minimum and “that was three years ago.”

25 years ago, 1993
Robert Washington wants to do more than line up to buy his Elvis Presley stamp Friday. He wants to put on his leather jacket and pants and release an unchained melody. Washington, 34, finished second in an international Elvis impersonation contest held in Memphis, Tenn., at the annual Elvis Presley convention last summer. A resident of Auburn, Washington is usually working at Bath Iron Works. Washington freely admits that he’s not the total Elvis fan, although his car’s license plate says B-ELVIS, and he owns about 60 Elvis albums and all his movies.

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be corrected.

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