With each passing day, it becomes more evident that the powerful, wealthy oligarchs are panicking. Through the past few decades, they have usurped the authority the nation’s founders provided the people to govern and conduct free enterprise among themselves. They succeeded in usurping the people’s freedom by gradually buying off elected officials and installing their own minions into public office. They also have bought and control most of the mainstream news media and most of the entertainment media and have installed many of their minions into the nation’s educational and judicial systems.

The wealthy oligarchs are panicking because their illicit infrastructure is being proactively dismantled by an independent citizenry with access to truthful information from such sources as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel and Alex Jones at Infowars.com.

Evidence of them panicking is found in the mainstream media outlets and actors whom they own and control who are whipping themselves into frenzies/freak-outs over every little bit of contrived, fake news, evidenced by such headlines as “Trump-Russia collusion,” “Trump is a racist,” “Trump is mentally unstable,” “Trump said a bad word,” or the recent false missile attack warning in Hawaii.

People shouldn’t buy into the phony hysteria. It is time to sit back, relax and watch America regain the glory the corrupt oligarchs stole from the people.

Steven Swan, Dixfield

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