Bicycle Coalition of Maine Executive Director John Williams shared some positive feedback from the two day BikeMaine visit to Rangeley in September at the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting held on January 31st.

BikeMaine promotes bicycling through a week-long tour celebrating Maine people, places and culture and features a different route and region each year.

The following are some of the positive statistics and great quotes about the Rangeley visit taken from the 2017 BikeMaine Ride Survey*.

*These are the actual responses that have only been revised for spelling errors…

What did you enjoy most about the host communities?

  • Friendliness
  • Their enthusiasm for their community and in supporting BikeMaine
  • Their commitment to making the riders feel welcomed and educated as to what their town had to offer.
  • Their obvious happiness to have us in the community.
  • Super friendly, all of them, perhaps especially Rangeley, and a shout out to the Fire Chief/Town Manager who tried to greet everyone.
  • The quirkiness and authenticity
  • Rangeley went all out. What a magical place. Skowhegan and Rangeley had best activities.
  • Chamber folks in Rangeley

Which host community did you enjoy most, and why?


Out of 139 votes 113 chose Rangeley!

The following are some of the reasons why:

  • I was blown away by how much the town did and how much people enjoyed themselves.
  • Rangeley –they certainly went all out for us and the whole town was excited to see us
  • Rangeley! Oh my gosh the location rocked! The community was amazing the shopping opportunities, the drink opportunities, the bookstore, the kayaking hiking the venison the police chiefs during the pot of pasta Rangeley-they went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed and accessed their town
  • Rangeley was nice but nobody lived there -odd.
  • Rangeley by far. I love to fish and was able to fish for salmon for the 1st time in my life. I did like Farmington too as it was eclectic.
  • Rangeley by far. I love to fish and was able to fish for salmon for the 1st time in my life. I did like Farmington too as it was eclectic.
  • Rangeley did a fantastic job with the activities and shuttle buses Rangeley because we were able to interact with the community more. They were so absolutely welcoming to us.
  • Music, fireworks, but mostly the shuttle buses to the highlights Rangeley seemed to be a little more open and welcoming than the other communities.
  • Rangeley-They were warm and friendly. The fireworks were fantastic. Rangeley really rolled out the red carpet!
  • Rangeley, Fireworks were outstanding
  • Rangeley was fantastic! I was worried that there wouldn’t be anything to do on the layover day, but there was plenty to keep us busy and fed. It was also really beautiful there.
  • Rangeley shuttle buses to help us get around to Oquossoc and fireworks! Free maple syrup! Lots of options in town for food!
  • I would move there if the winters were not so cold.
  • Rangeley, the bus service and chamber of commerce.
  • Rangeley …The massage, craft fair, bank handing out free bags of popcorn, Mooseley’s where we ate breakfast, the chamber guy, Tim, who charged my phone, the people at the Onion restaurant who made me a special dish of ice cream and all the vehicles that just stopped for you when you needed to cross the street!!
  • Rangeley did best job of any layover community in 4 years riding

Which host communities would you like to return to?

Of the 151 who responded to this question 93.79% answered RANGELEY

Q29. What activity or activities did you participate in during the layover day in Rangeley?

  • Got a massage!
  • We went for a bike ride, rode up a mountain in a car, took a
  • Cruise around the lake and went swimming!
  • The library, lake, “Divas” show, museums and more
  • … Great rest day ride to Height of Land, the fireworks which showed how much Rangeley enjoyed us there… rub elbows with community members. Like at the bagel shop and sitting at the counter, talking it up with the locals. Wonderful.
  • …the craft fair (we spent money), and Fork In the Air let us have drinks on their front little deck to watch the fireworks even though they were closing.

If you have feedback on the host communities, please provide it here.

  • Thank you for your efforts. You have created a very positive and lasting image of your community in my mind. I will be back! A big thank you for being so welcoming!
  • Thank you!
  • Thanks for the fireworks Rangeley it made me feel special.
  • Rangeley did it ALL!!
  • You were awesome

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