LIVERMORE FALLS — Livermore Falls Water District customers will see a 51 percent rate increase over the next three years to cover costs.

The Maine Office of the Public Advocate announced Monday that an average residential customer will see water rates rise from $46.14 to $57.97 per quarter, beginning March 1. Rates will then increase to $63.41 on March 1, 2019, and to $69.16 on March 1, 2020.

The Water District petitioned the Maine Public Utilities Commission for a 75 percent rate increase. The Office of the Public Advocate, Livermore Falls Water District and PUC examined the district’s finances and agreed a 51 percent rate increase would meet the district’s needs.

“The Livermore Falls Water District is fully aware that any increase is a hardship,” Margaret Leclerc, president of the Livermore Falls Water District board of trustees, said. “However, it is necessary so the district can continue providing quality service and water to our customers”

Livermore Falls last had a water rate increase in 2002. The district has 1,074 customers.

Leclerc said the rate increases are needed to cover growing operating costs, upgrades to the Moose Hill Filtration Plant, efforts to upgrade aging pipes and the cost to compensate for the loss of private and industrial customers.


She said the Maine Department of Transportation is planning an upgrade of some roads in 2019, including part of Park Street, Depot Street and part of Main Street.

“Advantageous and cost saving to the district, we will upgrade those same areas during that time,” Leclerc said.

She added that future water pipe replacement projects include Gagnon, Central, Baldwin and Wheeler streets.

Some of the pipes are more than 100 years old, she said. Newer pipes are ductile iron and PVC, depending on what is needed.

“The newer piping should last another 100 years, as did the cast iron,” Leclerc said. “The difference is ductile iron is more corrosion-resistant.”

The Water District also sells water to neighboring Jay Village. The towns operate two individual utilities with separate billing and staff.


A rate increase by Livermore Falls Water District directly impacts Jay Village, and is followed by a subsequent rate case for the Jay Village Water District to pay for the higher water costs.

Maine House District 74 Rep. Tina Riley, D-Jay, said she has followed these rate cases and the situation closely.

“We, in both districts, are fortunate to have trustees and personnel who put thought and effort into protecting customers from higher rates,” she said.

“I feel confident that the two boards of trustees will continue to seek and create opportunities to keep customers’ rates under control in the face of ever-rising costs.”

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