During my lifetime, the president has been the leader of the United States and also considered to be the leader of the free world. When America signed a treaty or gave its word, leaders of other countries knew America would honor them. This nation has lost that leadership role since January 2017.

President Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of the world climate treaty. He is threatening to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal. He has pulled the country out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, leaving China to work with the remaining countries. He has, single-handed, shown the world that other countries can no longer believe U.S. leadership. Trump has done these things without any thought to the consequences or having any meaningful discussions. He has no impulse control and tweets and says the first thing that comes to his mind.

He thinks not applauding him is treasonous — a crime punishable by death. He denies Russia has affected American elections, even with intelligence agencies and many Republicans knowing otherwise. He demeans two of the pillars of democracy — intelligence agencies and the press.

Trump’s lawyers do not want him to testify because he tells falsehoods. He has no moral compass. He uses the presidency for personal gain. He gives the benefit of the doubt to neo-Nazis (Charlottesville) and sexual predators (Roy Moore).

It is time for Republicans to stand up to him.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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