I have been reading about a proposed tax on hybrid and electric cars. That is just not right. People who have bought such vehicles paid much higher prices in purchasing them. The proposal calls for an added tax on such vehicles because they use less or no gas, yet drive on roads maintained by the gas tax.

The whole point of an electric car is to save gas. Owners should be getting money back.

What is going on? There are more and more vehicles on the roads, using gasoline. The state should be getting plenty of money from the gas tax. Perhaps it is not being used wisely.

What is next — putting an extra tax on me because I ride a couple thousand miles on my motorcycle? It gets some 40 miles per gallon. Is that too much?

Electric car owners have paid more in excise taxes and many have to buy electric charging stations for their homes. They pay taxes on that electricity they use.

Probably the government will do what it always does — just slap a tax on whatever or raise a tax on something.

Alan Girouard, Hartford

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