The front page of the Sun Journal on Feb. 22 had a lot to report: the death of the Rev. Billy Graham; the follow-up on the Parkland, Florida, massacre; a plan to save Mainers 10 cents on each bottle of wine or liquor … Wait, what?

With apologies to the party animals, their woes are not worthy front-page material.

What will it take for gun-control legislation to be passed? How many lives must be lost?

Arm teachers? Those gentle souls don’t have the DNA to shoot another person. And, by the way, not every mass shooting takes place in schools.

Someone in Washington, D.C., must have the courage to stand up to the National Rifle Association. A parent at Donald Trump’s “listening session” cited Israel’s sensible gun control laws.

What will it take to end the tragedies?

Anne Ceplikas, Auburn

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