I grew up in a family of hunters. At an early age, I was taught about firearm safety, good sportsmanship and respect for the game we hunted. When hunting waterfowl, federal regulations dictated a capacity of no more than three shells in the shotgun. Most shotguns had a capacity of six. That was corrected by a wooden dowel in the magazine. At no time hunting other game did I, or others I knew, thought of removing the dowel. Why should we? We were sporting hunters, not out to kill a large number of game animals/birds.

Which brings me to this controversy over AR-15s and like weapons.

I feel there is no valid reason for anyone except the military to have that type of weapon in their possession. That in no way affects the Second Amendment. I support the rights of hunters, competition shooters and so on.

As a young man, I belonged to the NRA. However, I feel its mission has changed, and its main thrust is nothing more than a marketing arm for the manufactures of firearms and ammunition.

My suggestion to fathers and mothers is to buy their daughter or son a fine sporting arm that they learn to use and respect.

Outlaw the high-capacity firearms. Let the government buy them back and turn them over to the government armories.

Make America safe again.

Richard Jensen, Minot

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