RUMFORD — Local resident Kelly Palmer decided to embark on a personal journey to an orphanage in Sang Village, Ghana, West Africa, in February 2017.  She spent two weeks at the Nazareth Home for God’s Children assessing the health of the children and assisting Sister Stan of the Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love (MASEL).

MASEL is a religious institute operating in the Catholic Diocese of Yendi in Ghana, West Africa. It was founded in 2009 by Sister Stan Terese Mario Mumuni to serve the abandoned children or those condemned to die because of the false beliefs held in that area of the world.  The false beliefs hold that if a child is born with a birth defect or even a twin, or if a young child develops an illness such as epilepsy, they are considered to be evil and will be disposed of by the villagers by whatever means necessary or simply being neglected until they die. Some, despite the risk, are willing to bring the babies to Sister Stan’s orphanage where they will be provided with care.

Palmer returned to the orphanage this February and, during her three weeks, was able to care for one of the babies weighing in at only 2 lbs.  Sister Stan named the newborn baby Kelly. The baby’s mother died during childbirth, and as a result, the child was considered evil.  The children are clothed and fed and some sleep on the floor each night and there are no pillows or blankets. They are able to have some schooling and learn about their Catholic faith. They pray the rosary daily and on Sundays they attend Mass together. 

Last summer Palmer shared her journey with the Holy Savior Parish Daughters of Isabella and asked if they would be willing to make pillows for the children. They unanimously took on the project, and all 70 children received pillows in February.

Sister Stan and the children thanked the Daughters, with special thanks going to Ann White, Cecilia Arsenault, Patricia Hopkins, Kim Kelcourse, Billie and Tony Koris and Viola Worcester.

If anyone is interested in donating to the Nazareth Home for God’s Children or to volunteer, contact Kelly Palmer at 207-364-4696. 

Pictured here are some of the children at the orphanage who have received bags of pillows to be distributed to all the children at Sister Stan’s Nazareth Home for God’s Children in Africa.

Members of the Daughter of Isabella who gave of their time to create pillows for the 70 orphans in Ghana, Africa, from left are Billie Koris, Viola Worcester, Ann White, Kim Kelcourse, Kelly Palmer and Cecilia Arsenault; absent, Tony Koris and Pat Hopkins.

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