Edward Little

Coach: Rebecca Hefty (third year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: Boys — Fourth in KVAC, 13th in state championship; Girls: — First in KVAC, 14th in state championship.

Key Losses: Max Giard, Zion Gurney, Owen Mower, Caden Begos, Victoria Beliveau, Maggie Chirayath, Britanee Nouchonthavong, Kaylee Vallee.

Returning athletes: Seniors: Barrak Abdraba, Russell Allen, Reid Buzza, Mnawer Dubai, Connor Jackson, Fabrice Mpoyo, Sabin Oliver, Curtis Ouelletee, Amadou Ousmane, Reece Rodrique, Alex Thompson, Reuben Tripp, Gabe Whithee, Lauren Berube, Rebecca Raymond, Ruthie Hurd, Najmo Ali; Juniors: Jeremy Carter, Michael Gary, Oliver Hall, Kevin Haskell, Jordy Jiminez, Evan Lagasse, Carter Shaw, Matt Syphers, Ethan Tardiff, Brendan Whitman, Grace Fontaine, Kiara Fournier, Sofia Hartley, Jaylyn Metivier, Jillian Richardson, Tessa Rubocki; Sophomores: Badr Abdraba, Ben Hallet, Jared Schofield, Ben Strong, Hanna Roy, Julia Berube, Oliva Jalbert, Benedicte Kalonda, Brihanna Swift.


Promising Newcomers: Seniors: Ibn Khalid, Annie Hazelton, Ella Henry; Junior: Jon Knight; Sophomores: Misha Boulet, Desiree Roussel; Freshmen: Brandon Hammond, Jack Howoniec, Jake Jackson, Omar Jashaami, Cameron Langlois, Matt Metivier, Aiden MOrrison, Landon MOrrissette, Noah Peck, Devin Smith, Finn Thistle, Ella Boucher, Emma Hefty, Lindy Hyndman, Ema Lamontagne, Mia Morin, Elisa Syphers, Lily Vincent, Emily Ouellette.

Outlook: The girls’ team will be defending its KVAC championship as the Eddies return many athletes, as well as gain a lot of newcomers. The weather has been challenging already, but the girls are working hard to prepare for our first track meet. Just like the girls’ team, the boys’ numbers have increased significantly from last year. There are some very promising newcomers that will contribute to scoring at the championship meets. Coach Hefty is excited about what is to come for the 2018 season.

Gray-New Gloucester

Coach: Todd Mercer (11th year) and Mike Griffin (third year)

Class: B; Conference: WMC

Last year’s record: Boys — Fourth in MVC, 24th in state championships; Girls — Second in MVC, fifth in state championships.


Returning athletes: Seniors: Ethan Ray, Seth Levier, Andrew Peterson, Eliza Larrivee, Jaley Martin; Juniors: Nathan Gendreau, Noah Burns, Madison Post, Erica Schlichting, Megan Reynolds; Sophomores: Jacob McCallum, Nick Cohen, Lindsey Pierce.

Key losses: Trent Dexter, Sam McGrath-Holmquist, Joe Gurney, Lucas Nickerson Sr., Emma MacCallum.

Promising newcomers: Freshmen: Zoe Barnes, Nicole Cobb, Abby Dulac, Sarah Fecteau

Outlook: The Gray-NG girls have a great mix of experienced track and field athletes along with a talented younger group of girls. With all four girls returning from the 2017 4×100 Class B championship relay, GNG has a strong sprint core, including 200 meter champion Madison Post. The development of a talented ninth grade class will help Gray-NG compete against the best around during the spring season. On the boys’ side, Gray-NG is hoping to develop already-promising athletes. GNG coach Todd Mercer believes Nathan Gendreau and Seth Levier are talented athletes who could be a threat in any number of events.


Coach: Boys: Jamie Juntura (fourth year); Girls: Sara Thurston (second year).


Class: B; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: Boys — 12th in KVAC, 19th in state championship; Girls — First in KVAC, 13th in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors: Caleb Bowen, Bryce Pelletier, Ryan Pratt, Nicole Daigle (sprints/relay), Keragan Davis (high jump); Juniors: Roy Varney, Stephen Gray, Trevor LaFrance, Ava Petrin (distance),Tamra Benson (distance); Sophomores: Kristen Roux(hurdles), Aliyah Trask(sprint), Alex Hawksley (mid distance, hurdle), Ally Ryan (triple and long).

Promising newcomers: Sam Buswell, Nolan Cabral, Connor Cyr, Julian Clements, Blaine Clark, Cole Melanson, Maddie McCormick, Jaidyn Negley, Jenna Boucher, Erin Fournier

Key Losses: DeAndre James, Noah Lind, Isaiah Banks, Jason Labbe, Shannon O’Malley (sprints), Allie Belaire (jav), Miranda Coombs (long), and Julia Labbe (Distance).

Outlook: The girls’ team is looking to surprise some people with talented newcomers and underclassmen. The boys’ team has some strong returning athletes and have potential point scorers in most events.



Coach: Paul Soracco (4th year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Results: Boys — Second in KVAC, seventh in state championships; Girls — Third in KVAC, seventh in state championships.

Returning Athletes: Seniors: Davion Jackson, Isiah Leach, Ryan Marley, Connor Kaplinger, Noor Hussein, Taylor Chamberlain, Hafido Awil, Jenna Burton; Juniors: Kamumdala Crispin, Asad Abukar, Enock Citenga, Lucas Nichols, Nick Roy, Zaid Teklu, Maria Bellegarde, Brooke Cloutier; Sophomores: Jeremiah Williams, Noor Shidad, Dylan Jackson, Jordan Carter, Chelsea Beaudry, Juliet Bolduc, Laila Bunnitt, Benedict Citenga, Kenzie Langley.

Promising newcomers: Elijah Escobar, Konnor Voisine, Anna Andres Serpi, Sydney Roy, Madison Roy, Katrina Bolduc


Key Losses: AbshirAbukar, Keyshawn Green, Joseph Kalilwa, Aden Mohamed, Hassan Mohamed, Ben Musese, Ethan Solis, Kayla Allen, McKayla Ball, Jazzy Dumas, Jenny Martin,

Outlook: The Lewiston Blue Devils have a balanced team with talent in many events. Both the boys’ and the girls’ will be relying on depth and newcomers to score points.


Coach: Head Coach-Dean Hall (40th year); Assistant Coaches: Hank Fuller, Dan Sylvester, Doug Sautter

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: Boys — First at MVC; Seventh at -state championships. Girls — Second at MVC; 16th at state championships


Key losses: Kurtis Bolton, Garret Caton, Jacob Fusaro, Bryant Hall, Kyle LaRoche, Reece Martin–Morong, Tanton Mattson, Michael Schlotterbeck, Chase Collier, Kaylin Le, Kali Gould, Alika McMurrin

Returning athletes: Seniors: Ben Blake (sprints/jumps) Bradley Harriman (hurdles/ pole vault), Glenn Hill (relays/ hurdles) Morgan Perron (sprints/relays), Emily Brewer (throws), Sydney Douglass (racewalk/ jumps), Savannah Fisher ( jumps/sprints), Emma Houle (sprints/ jumps), Anna Wiley (throws/Relays); Juniors: Caleb Berube (sprints), Alan Lavoie (racewalk/ throws), David Schlotterbeck (distance), Geoffrey Shambarger (racewalk, distance), Seth Tapley (jumps), Isaiah Thompson (sprints, jumps), Emma DiGregorio (distance), Jordan Ott (sprints); Sophomores: Daniel Bolton(Pole Vault/ Hurdles), Cameron Bourget (hurdles, jumps), Alex Cole ( hurdles/ relays) Jacob George (sprints) Corbin Hall (racewalk/ distance) Seth Leeman (hurdles, jumps) Izaya May (distance), Dave Poulin (distance), Michael Ray (distance), Kadrian Rugullies (distance), Derek Wilson (middle distance), Oceana Assignon (throws), Siara Martin (sprints/ jumps).

Promising newcomers: Junior: Gregory Morris; Sophomores: Cody Decatur, Colin Houle, Riley Quatrano, Maranda Swett Seniors Christina Cary; Freshmen: Adrian Blake, Max Boulet, Tristan Lavoie, Eli Morris, Garrett Perron, Kayleb Shepherd, Makenzey Bedford, Jyllian Bornales, Destiny Deschaines, Kylie Peoples, Emma Willey.

Season outlook: Dean Hall enters his 40th season with a strong returning group. Led by Sydney Douglass in the racewalk and jumps, Lisbon is geared up to avenge its second-place finish a year ago, while the boys hope to defend their boys’ MVC title.

Mt. Blue

Coach: Kelley Cullenberg (25th year)


Class: B; Conference: KVAC

Last years results: Boys — ninth in KVAC; Girls — ninth in KVAC; 25th in state championships.

Returning athletes: Seniors: Jon Lesko (middle distance, distance), Zeke Robinson (distance, middle distance), Marah Black (sprints), Meg Charles (distance, middle distance), Sierra Goozey (throws), Rachel Harvell (sprints, middle distance), Sierra Keim (sprints, middle distance), Hannah Minns (hurdles, sprints, throws), Sara Rogers (sprints); Juniors: Jesse Dalton (distance, middle distance), Jacob Mealey (middle distance, racewalk), Mat Otte (middle distance, sprints), Noah Ward-Rubin (throws), Madison Archer (throws), Annaset Jackson (distance, middle distance), Makenzie Seaward (high jump, long jump, middle distance), Makinzy Whitney (sprints, throws); Sophomores: Jack Cushman (racewalk, middle distance), Logan Dolbier (sprints, middle distance), Colbey Goozey (middle distance, distance), Clayton McCarthy (sprints, middle distance), Ethan McIntosh (middle distance, distance), Preston Ross (hurdles, jumps, sprints), Kahryn Cullenberg (distance, middle distance), Laura Gunter (throws, sprints), Julia Hatch (racewalk, throws), Katie Holmes (racewalk, middle distance, throws), Hailey Kaminsky (sprints, middle distance).

Key Losses: Brandon Bard, Noah Carleton, Ian Goding, Trevayne Jackson, James McBean, Isaiah Reid, Isaac Seigle, Bryce Thomas, Michael Titus, Bretton Winchester, Jill Conant, Darby Sabin, Isabelle Thomas,

Promising Newcomers: Seniors: Amr Bakkar (sprints, jumps), Enrico Echevarria (racewalk, distance), George Edmunds (throws), Kayla LeGrand (sprints, jumps); Juniors: Hunter Gleason (throws), Beth Nicholas (distance, middle distance); Sophomores: Dawson Black (sprints, jumps), Evan Hornbach (middle distance, distance), Kevon Johnson (sprints, jumps), Emmett Trafton (sprints, jumps, middle distance), Allison Hodgdon (racewalk, distance), Christina Scott (throws); Freshmen: Charlie Eng (middle distance, distance, racewalk), Megan Brown (jumps, sprints), Grace Dalton (distance), Brianna Estes-Harrington (sprints), Whitney Fraser (throws), Emma White (sprints, jumps)

Season Outlook: This season, Mt. Blue has a combination of some talented returners and newcomers with potential. The team is excited to see what they might be able to accomplish and hope to qualify more athletes for the championship meets. Mt. Blue returns many athletes from last year as well as new athletes in the sprints, jumps and distance.



Coach: Tom Menendez (13th year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Results: Boys — Eighth in MVC, 18th in state championship; Girls — First in MVC, fifth in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors: Abby Allen, Mahala Hayden, Zach Wallace Ethan Thombs, Moira Burgess, Emily Grandahl, Abbie Hunt, Kaitlin Hunt; Juniors: Evan Burnel, Kyle Gunnells, Dylan Lajoie, Maddie Amero, Destiny Clough.

Promising newcomers: Alicen Burnham, Chloe Dwinell, Jordyn Gowell, Lydia Roy, Mya Sirois, Joe Crocker, Jason Kulinski, TJ Lewis,


Key losses: Brad Arsenault, Adam Hayes, Izzy Lewis, Victoria Spencer, Olivia Homer

Outlook: A large graduating class last year has left Monmouth having to fill positions that will be able to score points in the big meets. Head coach Tom Menendez will look to returners and newcomers to score, especially on the girls’ team that is looking to defend their MVC championship.

Mountain Valley

Coach: JT Taylor (seventh year), Adam Curato (seventh year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: Boys — Third in MVC, fourth in state championship; Girls — seventh in MVC, 18th in state championship


Returning athletes: Seniors: Chris Glover (long jump/javelin), Carter Thibodeau (throws), Nate White (triple jump/relays), Cam Payne (hurdles/high jump), Sebastian Weston (throws), Vinny Deroche (long jump/relays), Eli Stickney (discus/sprints), Abigail Blauvelt (jumps), Lauren Sterling (hurdles/sprints/relays/high jump), Alyssa Akers (throws/long jump), Hailey Akers (jumps/throws); Juniors: Taylor Pelletier (jumps), Shawn Dubois (sprints, long jump), Montana Averill (throws), Draven Finnegan jumps/hurdles, Cam Chase (distance), Jacob Bellgarde (throws), Darrin Buono (throws), Brooke Carver (mid-distance); Sophomores: Jasper Turner (sprints/throws), Chance Vacchiano (hurdles/jumps), Noah Stickney (racewalk), Cloey Ledesma (jumps/javelin), Jennifer Boudreau (racewalk/throws).

Key losses: Kyle Farrar, Eli Turner, Zach Duguay, Emily Billings, Jeana Ronan, Marissa Crosby, Paige Landry.

Promising newcomers: Seniors: Brady Halacy (distance), Laura Recalde (sprints/long jump); Junior: Colby Parent (jumps), Keziah Hartzel (sprints/relays), Faith Riddick (sprints/jumps/relays); Sophomores: Dalton Noyes (mid-distance/jumps), Sean Gould (mid-distance/throws), Damien Arsenault (mid-distance), Jared Downs (distance); Freshmen: Nathanael Coleman (distance), Riley Bedard (distance), Matt Averill (mid-distance/throws), EJ Weston (mid-distance/throws), Averie Pingree (throws), Sophie Ladd (hurdles/sprints/jumps/relays), Meadow Wind (sprints/jumps/relays), Alexis Allegra (sprints/relays)

Overview: The Mt. Valley boys’ team look to hopefully, with this new-found depth we can make another run at the MVC Championship. The loss of Kyle Farrar and Eli Turner (12 MVC titles between the two) hurts immensely, but they have added somethrowers and potentially distance runners. On the girls’ team, Lauren Sterling will look to capture her third-straight state championship in the 100m Hurdles. The Akers sisters will anchor out throwing events. The small team is well-diversified among all the events.

Oxford Hills

Coach: Boys: Nate Danforth (15th year); Girls: Luc Roy (10th year)


Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: Boys — Fifth in KVAC, 11th in state championship; Girls — Seventh in KVAC, 13th in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors: Dawson Stevens, Dominic Sclafani, Cameron Bancroft, Emily Smith; Juniors: Travis May, Silas Gordon, Jada Adams, Meeka Dall, Halle James; Sophomore: Sam Morton, Kathryn Bowen, Abigail Cassidy.

Promising newcomers: Seniors: Emmy Corbett, Gina Colley; Junior: Jillian Douglas; Freshmen: Taylor Haggerty, Kaylynn Johnson, Meagan Bickford.

Key losses: John Bowen, Jacob Striegel, Zane Dustin, Riley Gates, Erin Childs.

Outlook: Oxford Hills returns talented distance runner Dominic Sclafani and defending state champion in the javelin Dawson Stevens. The girls’ team returns many athletes as they try to improve on their seventh place finish at KVAC a year ago.



Coach: Rick Kramer (fourth year)

Class: B; Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: Boys — ninth in WMC; Girls — eighth in WMC, 20th in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors: Gaebrial Bouchard, Sean Shanahan, Sam Stone, Matt Theberge, Lucas Yorkey, Jon Koczkodan, Desiree Wante, Sam Halmos, Sydney Gosselin, Katelynn Greene, Katriana Pratt; Juniors: Sam Benedict, Jacob Gagnon, Gavin Russo, Bailey Mercer; Sophomores: Ben Pittman, Eli Hesketh, Cooper Keene, Colin Marquis-Boutin, Matt Walker, Thomas Warden, DJ Mackenzie, Ben Olson, Kayla Ogden, Faith Davis, Nicole Kimball, Olivia Oullette, Annie McGlauflin, Mia Turkington, Autumn Willis.

Promising newcomers: Isaiah Hill, Jordan Neal, Tim Brienza, Brayden Gurney, Collin Carrier, Evan Kelly, Emily Bellgarde, Kason Dalton, Alex Mitchell, Lucas Moulton, Madison Wante Alexis Antonelli, Erica Olson, Alexis Lessard, Jordyn Kohtala, Taylor Rice, Halie Vachon, Emma Auger, Destiny Jipson, Mackenzie Berube, Carson Armstrong, Zoie Ouellette.


Outlook: Rick Kramer believes this year’s team has the skills and abilities to set a new standard for Poland Regional Outdoor Track. On the boys side, Poland has their most depth in years with a promising young group of sprinters. The girls team is balanced with talented individual performers. Kramer believes strong throwing, distance, and sprint groups are set to challenge each other and make for a great season.

Spruce Mountain

Coaches: Bill Biliouris, Kelsey Biliouris, Jane DiPompo, Jay Lindsey

Last year’s results: Boys — 16th at KVAC, 28th at state championships; Girls — 11th at KVAC, 13th at state championship.

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Returning athletes: Seniors: Gage Kneeland, Jason Howes, Hunter Baker, Austin White, Nate Frost, Alexis Beardsley, Mikenzie Parker, Kiarra Richards, Hanna St. Pierre, Annika Dubord, Caitlin Chaousis, Jen-Nay Learned; Juniors: Bryce Chavez, Zakary Toothaker, Josh Stewart, Zachary Lee, Emily White, Ashlyn Williams, Avery Williams.


Promising newcomers: Bret Frey, Andrew Shaw, Brandon Coates, Brandon Frey, Isabelle Castonguay, Christa Bowie, Riley Gray, Aurianna Armandi.

Outlook: Spruce Mountain will be led by juniors and seniors looking to improve on their KVAC finishes from a year ago. Coach Bill Biliouris believes there is potential for strong leadership and good results, with many returning athletes.

St. Dom’s

Coach: TJ Niles (second year)

Class: C; Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: Boys — Eighth in WMC; Girls — seventh in WMC, seventh in state championship.


Returning athletes: Juniors: Nick Welsh (hurdles), Emily Gerencer (distance), Abbie Zanoni (sprints), Bugsy Hammerton (distance); Sophomore: Mark D-Alessandro (distance).

Promising newcomers: Senior: Matt Curtis (sprints); Junior: Mikayla Jackson; Freshmen: Bryton Kieltyka (sprints), Liam Levasseur (distance), Sarah Brown (distance), Grace Girardin (sprints).

Key Loses: Sydney Sirios (race walk/distance), Ella Brown (distance), Megan D’Alessandro (distance), Lexie Kesaris (javelin).

Outlook: The Saints are looking to build on their indoor success where they set 12 school records. With only returning half of last years team the Saints are looking at increased numbers though young are ready to compete.


Coach: Dave Leclerc (16th year)


Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: Boys — seventh in MVC, 21st in state championship; Girls — 6th in MVC, 10th in state championship

Returning athletes: Seniors: Gaelan Boyle-Wight, Aaron Vermette; Juniors: Michael Jones, Kaity Killam, Emily Hanscom; Sophomore: Calla Orino.

Promising Newcomers: Senior: Connor Landes, Courtney Skillin; Juniors: Elizabeth Mcleod, Matthew Rice; Freshmen: Jacob Lyman, Dillon, Ava Doucette, Liv Doucette, Myla Hudson, Madeline Hallett

Key Losses: Avery Griffin and India Orino

Outlook: With Boyle-Wight and Hanscom leading the boys’ distance group, coach Dave Leclerc believes records will be broken. The girls’ team has a large group of newcomers that look to contribute right away for Telstar.



Coach: Ed Van Tassel (12th year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC 

Last year’s results: Boys — ninth in MVC, 21st in state championship; Girls — third in MVC, 14th in state championship.

Returning athletes: Seniors: Luke St. Hilaire (throws), Kinli DiBiase (sprints), SIerra Huff (sprints); Sophomores: Shane Tweedie (throws), Beau Schmelzer (sprints), Michael Morales (distance), Zak St. Germain (distance), Maya Deming (distance), Jillian Schmelzer (sprints), Kena Souza (distance), Aaliyah Wilson-Falcone (sprints).

Promising newcomers: Chase Wright (distance), Rowan Gobel-Bain (distance), Keegan Choate (sprints), Gabby Ross (distance), Maggie Gruver (throws), Madison Forgue (distance).

Outlook: Coach Ed Van Tassel is happy with the team that they have coming out this spring. The focus is doing all that we can do to improve each day and the results will take care of themselves.

 defend their boys’ MVC title, while the girls’ look to 

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