100 years ago, 1918

Lewiston and Auburn will be all aflame with patriotism this afternoon. The two honor flags given because we have gone over the top in the Liberty Loan campaign are to be raised. Hundreds of school children are to parade the streets. A majority of the factories will close. No other Maine community will have so big an observance of Patriots Day.

50 years ago, 1968

The woods fire threat of the past several days was completely eradicated today (and yesterday) as nearly three inches of rain soaked the Twin Cities and surrounding area, before the storm clouds moved along. Highway department crews in both cities were busy cleaning out clogged catch basins as the wind-driven rain pelted down. The Union Water Power Company gatehouse reported a total rainfall of 2.71 inches. Minor flooding was reported in several areas and a few roads were washed out by the downpour.

25 years ago, 1993

The Jitterbug, cha-cha, tango, waltz and swing have kept Gerald and Jeanne Mayberry holding hands for 46 years — since Gerald was a serviceman and Jeanne a United Service Organization hostess. The Mayberrys, both in their ’70s, were dancing it up Friday night to tunes like “Jumpin’ at the Woodside,” “Stompin’ at the Savoy” and “Moonlight Serenade,” performed by the Music Makers at Spare-Time Recreation. The Mayberrys, who dance their way from New Hampshire’s Rockingham Ballroom to Augusta’s Club Calumet, say they spend a lot of time hoofing it up in Lewiston. “We love C’est Si Bon,” Gerald says. “They’re one of the best big bands around, and they’re from Lewiston.” This particular evening, the Mayberrys also got to hear the wartime music of the Andrews Sisters performed by the Feeley Sisters.

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