I don’t know why the media are not questioning Robert Mueller’s sanity. They love to question President Trump’s sanity. Mueller was hired to investigate if Trump might be involved with Russian collusion. It appears he hasn’t found much of anything yet.

The media didn’t do much when it came out that Hillary Clinton approved the sale of nuclear material to the Russians (I quit being a Democrat after that). Or even before the election was held, with Barack Obama’s bizarre meet-and-greet European trip.

In the hate-Trump era, Mueller is spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars investigating anyone who knows Trump. Now, it seems, for anyone who has a lawyer, nothing is confidential. Get a warrant for one thing and all the lawyer’s clients’ records become public.

The media are in overkill mode about a porn actress, and Mueller seems to have jumped on the bandwagon. That relationship was years ago and, frankly, I don’t care about Trump’s personal life. That is between his family and himself; and there is a difference between immoral and illegal. There wasn’t half the side show when Bill Clinton and subordinate Monica Lewinski had sex in the White House.

Other than the current hate-Trump war cry, what’s new?

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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