There are dark and odious clouds of lies hovering over the Donald Trump White House. Prayerfully, Robert Mueller has flashlights and plenty of batteries to help see through the muck and mire that has become the daily norm.

In light of the recent National Day of Prayer: How many more of the Ten Commandments and how often must the president break them before the religious right, center and what remains of the moral majority come out condemning his morally offensive behavior?

Both political sides explain away this unforgivable phenomena, spouting; “The people who voted for him knew what they were getting,” or “That is why they voted for him.” Those vapid statements do a disservice and are unjust to the educated, religious, morally sane millions who voted for what unfortunately may turn out to be an ultimate sham.

Thou shalt not lie. Clearly, no one in their right mind would knowingly vote for and support a man who, to date, has 3,000 or so reported lies or alternate facts solidly under his belt. How do younger parents manage to answer and explain questions that children inquire about? Such as the president and porn stars, or support for sexual abusers/pedophiles along with lying potty-mouth language?

At times it feels as if America is under some other-worldly surreal spell, and if people click their heels three times or pray hard enough we will be delivered back to sanity.

Fat chance.

Anthony Esposito, Auburn

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