I will be voting my conscience in November. Do I support war, rampant greed, pollution, corruption and a “money over all” policy toward the environment and health care?

Do I want gun manufacturers dictating policy to the nation’s lawmakers?

Government regulation of industry is important and necessary for the protection of all the citizenry. Or do I support truth, transparency and an Internet speed that is one speed — for all?

Shall I support a candidate who is a forward thinker and one who will promote technologies that will ultimately replace oil, gas and coal?

Shouldn’t religion and a woman’s’ reproductive rights be personal matters?

Don’t financial institutions make enough money?


Shouldn’t federal income tax policy be fair?

It is indeed unfortunate that America has become so fractured and that the current president is allowed to flame the fire of racism and intolerance. Is the United States no longer united? So broken, in fact, that foreign entities take advantage of these fractures?

I don’t want a circus barker as a president. I want a moral, but not sanctimonious leader; one whose thoughtful words can be taken seriously.

I don’t want daily soap opera dramas that overtake and divert from the serious business elected representatives should be engaged in.

I will be voting out any and all contenders who pander to the public’s fears of lost liberty and those who use sound bites in lieu of guiding principles.

I want leaders to act in the country’s best interests, not theirs.

Kathryn Begg, Auburn

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