Congratulations to Benjamin Martin for taking the initiative to confront Lewiston School Superintendent Bill Webster regarding the school budget for 2018-19.

Shame on those who criticized his using robocalls to hopefully increase voter turnout and make people aware of the out-of-control budget. The school department uses robocalls to contact all student households plus mails out brochures to every Lewiston residential address using school budget money.

For the past three years, residents have been fed the same misinformation or partial information in order to justify substantial increases in the school budget. Additional staff is always needed, according to Webster, but where exactly are these individuals going to be housed? Supposedly the new school is needed because all current school buildings are at max (there is no room for additional classrooms). So, why the need for 65-plus new positions? Classroom size cannot be reduced with added staff unless more classrooms are available. On paper, the ratio between teacher/student will look great but not in reality.

I thank Martin. It is refreshing to see that a former school board member is willing to do what current and/or past members are not — mainly use common sense when reviewing a budget and how it will affect the people the school board members are there to represent.

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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