I write in response to a Sun Journal story (May 12) about Bates students protesting about student debt. Their call for an end to student debt is hard to understand or accept.

I was disappointed in both the shallowness of their thoughts and the limits of the article.

A college education is a commodity to be purchased that is an investment in your own future. The kids do not “deserve” to go to Bates College. And choosing a college is one of the first major decisions a student will make and requires careful thought. Selecting a school because it of its commitment to “social justice” lacks insight.

Nor is choosing a school costing nearly $70,000 very thoughtful when there are so many alternatives that can save students thousands of dollars.

The article could have pointed out some of the alternatives, such as state schools and community colleges. It might also have suggested that it might be a good decision to buy a Ford if you can’t afford a Mercedes.

I would ask those students aspiring to be debt-free — who is going to pay that debt for them? And while in their later years, would they be willing to “pony up” to keep other students debt free?

George Jones, Otisfield

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