AUBURN — Phoenix Karate Academy is very pleased to announce it’s most recent belt test, promoting several adult, kids, lil sparks students to the next level of rank.

All adult and kid students executed basics (punches, blocks, kicks) using correct Japanese terminology, Kata (set memorized movements), self–defense techniques, and sparring concepts (light contact fighting).

The kids students also anti-bullying and stranger defense concepts, non-violent posturing and restraint.

All lil sparks students executed toddler basics (listening skills, following direction), as well as beginner karate techniques (bowing, focus positions, beginner blocks and kicks.) In addition to stranger awareness (stranger danger techniques, parents first name, and telephone number).

Adult students who passed belts tests at the Phoenix Karate Academy in Auburn.

Kids students who passed their recent belt tests at the Phoenix Karate Academy.

Lil sparks students who passed their recent belt test at the Phoenix Karate Academy.

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