OXFORD — Almost a year after two Rhode Island men were struck and killed crossing Route 26 from the Oxford Casino to the Hampton Inn, officials say it may be another year before the traffic lights are activated there.

“The work is going to be added to an overlay project,” Maine Department of Transportation traffic engineer Stephen Landry said.  “We are awaiting to see if the town is going to be a participant and paying for the work.”

DOT, local and state officials, and public safety officials met late last summer to discuss their concerns about the safety of the intersection. DOT subsequently detailed a plan that will reduce the speed in the area and redesign the intersection to eventually change the flashing yellow signal to a timed green-yellow-red sequence. Additionally, a push button signal for pedestrian crossings and an island will be installed.

But 10 months later, the redesign in still in the works, according to project manager Ryan Hodgman who oversees the southern Maine division of the DOT, which includes Oxford.

When the Hampton Inn was constructed several years ago, the state required it to put a pedestrian crosswalk in, but under its driveway entrance permit, that did not have to happen until the traffic light had been switched from blinking yellow to the green-yellow-red sequence.

“We’re waiting for the design of the intersection to be completed,” Hodgman said. It may not be completed until later in June and then the project has to got out to bid, he said. He anticipated work may not begin until the fall and be completed next year.


The redesign job is part of a larger overlay project of a section of Route 26 and 121 that has been scheduled for this summer. It will involve the redesign largely of the southern lanes by the Oxford Casino and the activation of the pedestrian crossing.

The redesign is expected to be paid for by the state, the casino and the town.

According to information from Town Manager Butch Asselin that he received from Landy, DOT is estimating the total at about $180,000.

“The town budgeted $50,000 to go into next year’s fiscal budget, if needed, for this project,” Asselin said. “This will require approval at the town meeting.”

Town meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 9.


A blueprint shows a section of the state’s plan to redesign Route 26 at the entrance to the Oxford Casino and Hampton Inn in Oxford. (Maine Department of Transportation sketch)

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