Elizabeth Watson Calhoun, of Oxford, is running for Oxford County Treasurer. Calhoun is a first-time candidate. Explaining her decision to run for office she said “When members of the Oxford County Democrats approached me about running, I felt it was important to step up. I believe Democracy works best when everyone participates, and voters have a choice of candidates.”

Calhoun holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Maine, Orono and a Law Degree from Georgetown University Law Center. While at Orono, Calhoun, interned for Senator William S. Cohen in Washington, D.C. and continued working on his staff following graduation. After Cohen’s retirement from the Senate, she worked in D.C. for various trade associations while pursuing a law degree at night. After graduating from law school, she worked in the Philadelphia area until she was able to move back to Maine. Calhoun currently telecommutes from her home in Oxford where she lives with her son and three cats adopted from Responsible Pet Care.

She currently practices in the field of securities litigation and works for a firm that represents institutional investors such as pension funds. The firm’s mission is to protect investors from fraud and misconduct by businesses and fiduciaries. “I feel that my advocacy on behalf of investors and consumers will make me a strong advocate for taxpayers.” She stated.

Calhoun is no stranger to community service. Her local volunteer activities include the monthly Otisfield Community Lunch, annual Friends of the Norway Library Book sale, and activities at her son’s school. Calhoun’s volunteer experience serving on the Finance and Auditing Committees for a national non-profit has provided experience in budgeting and accounting oversight. “Serving on these committees and working with the outside auditors has taught me what questions to ask to make sure that money is properly spent and accounted for.” She said. Oversight, transparency, and accessibility to information are key themes of her campaign.

Calhoun is supported in her run by friends, family, and neighbors. “I have been really encouraged by all the support I have received, especially when gathering signatures to get on the ballot.” She is excited to be running at a time when voters are so engaged.

She can be reached at calhounfortreasurer@gmail.com; or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Elizabeth-Watson-Calhoun-for-Oxford-County-Treasurer-655708911427518/. Her website http://www.calhounfortreasurer.com/ is under construction.

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