How sad that the Auburn City Council and school officials are so out of touch with the city charter and out to lunch on the meaning of a cost of living adjustment (COLA). They should pat themselves on the back for making Auburn unaffordable for seniors or others on a fixed income.

The water department has initiated increases of about 20 percent; Central Maine Power raised prices by 18 percent; and gas and oil prices seem to be rising daily. Even simple home-care items, such as a gallon of exterior paint, have gone up — resulting in rotting porches, crumbling chimneys and leaky roofs. No one can afford to pay for upkeep.

Officials would raise taxes to study a frog pond, which the water department created by damming up the bowels of Lake Auburn’s outlet. Meanwhile, I cannot drink the water that comes from my faucet.

City employees will always vote for wage increases and more benefits. Great for them, but tough on the homesteaders who are trying to keep a leaky roof over their heads.

Shame on Auburn officials for being so out of touch and making the city charter a joke.

Jeffrey Keenan, Auburn

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