100 years ago, 1918

Here’s a tip for every patriotic citizen of Lewiston and Auburn. In connection with the All-American Girls’ Meet, July 4, there is going to be a parade. That has already been announced — and if it isn’t the biggest patriotic event over held in these cities it won’t be the fault of Robert J. Hodgson, who has been asked to take charge of this part of the day’s program.

50 years ago, 1968

Vincent R. Giberti, deputy chief of the Auburn Fire Department for 23 years, was appointed chief Friday afternoon in Auburn, by City Manager Woodbury E. Brackett. The new chief will replace the retiring Chief J. Coleman Miller, the chief for the past 18 years, who officially retired on June 1 of this year, but remained on duty until the new chief was appointed. Brackett stated that he is “happy to have such a well qualified, dedicated fireman as chief of the department. I know that he will do a highly competent job as chief.”

25 years ago, 1993.

Many people suffering from common conditions, including premenstrual syndrome, arthritis and the common cold, have left pricey over-the-counter synthetic drugs behind and placed their faith in plants. Patrons of Ken Schuler’s Axis Natural Foods on Center Street have found alleviation from years of arthritis pain in herbal blends, relief from PMS symptoms in primrose oil and victory over the common cold in ordinary garlic. But new Federal Drug Administration labeling regulations could ban these remedies and some dietary supplements, which have come to comprise roughly a third of Schuler’s sales in his 23 years of business in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

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