LIVERMORE FALLS — Police are investigating a burglary at a house on Leeds Road, where all of the copper pipes, joints and electrical wiring were stolen.

The burglary, reported Monday, occurred within the past five weeks, based on when the owner was last there, Police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said Tuesday. 

Two other vacant buildings have also had copper stripped from them on Campground Road. The incidents were reported within the past four months.

In the Leeds Road burglary, a copper pipe on the oil tank was stolen, as were hot-water baseboard units. 

The owner of the Leeds Road property had copper pipes stolen from the house five years ago. He used a different material for the pipes when it was redone, but remaining copper joints were stolen within the past five weeks.

Meat in the freezer spoiled because there was no electricity, Steward said.

Anyone with information on the cases is asked to call the Livermore Falls Police Department at (207) 897-3424.

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