I admire Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She is a bright, strong woman and is a great example for women and girls everywhere. As the president’s press secretary, her job is extremely difficult — a job made harder by the personal attacks from her colleagues in the press. Berating this professional woman for everything from her looks to the verbal abuse thrown at her in a recent press conference is unconscionable.

In that particular instance, I was impressed by her ability to not walk out or have the braying media jackass removed from the room. Her job is to present the White House news. She does not set policy or enact laws. Her performance under unfair duress from the press deserves people’s respect. What is happening to the kids at the border (or the DACA kids, for that matter) is caused by the criminal activity of their parents and their lack of respect for U.S. laws, not the press secretary.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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