HARTFORD — Kati Magoon is sunny, blond, petite and says, with just a trace of wistfulness, that she’s on her next-to-last life.

She’s seen it in the stars.

“I’m just hoping I do this one really well,” Magoon said, “hoping I do what I’m supposed to do.”

For several years, operating as Mirror Mirror Metaphysics & Mysticism, the 30-year-old from Rumford has offered services such as psychic readings, psychic surgery and astrological, or natal, star charts for clients around the world, mostly by phone and online.

On Saturday, June 30, she’ll be at Parapalooza, a mediums, crystals, tarot-card-reading event at the Hartford Town Hall.

Magoon said she was born psychic but didn’t have it confirmed until she was 18, in a visit to another psychic.


“When I was really young, my parents kind of didn’t understand me and thought I was really sad all the time,” she said. In hindsight, she believes she picked up on other people’s depression.

The abilities have passed to her children, 5 and 7, she said. She meditated, listened to whale music and gave birth each time in under three hours at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

“They thought I was so weird,” Magoon said.

Today, her son can read her mind, sometimes unnervingly so.

“I’ll be thinking things, things I would never say out loud to a kid, and he’ll start saying this stuff,” Magoon said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, my god, how do you know that? Stop listening to me.'”

Five years ago, an astrology teacher reached out via Facebook to offer lessons in reading natal charts. Spirit guides encouraged her to do it. Magoon practiced first on herself, her children and her boyfriend and says she’s now done hundreds of charts.


Charts cost $50. With a birth date, birth time and longitude and latitude of a client’s birthplace, Magoon said, she’ll spend hours deciphering signs, degrees, ruling houses and meanings.

“Your chart is kind of like your blueprint for who you were, who you are and who you can become,” Magoon said. “You could read that my kids have autism without the label of autism, but all of the things that kind of make that up. My daughter, she’s nonverbal, and it basically says that she’s nonverbal in her chart. It talks about how the best methods for her to learn is through songs and music.

“You can find out people’s professions, how they communicate, what’s best for them family-wise,” she said. “You can see who they were in a past life and how that affects who they are today, and you can see your north node, which is kind of your future, and who you can become at your greatest ability in your lifetime.”

Most people want to know one of two things: Are they psychic? And how’s their relationship looking?

For the latter, “you need to know your chart and your partner’s chart and you combine them and read them on top of each other,” Magoon said. “I have a boyfriend that’s from my past life, but that’s not always the case for everybody. Usually your sister, or your mom or your best friend, they can be past life relationships and you’ve probably been with them for multiple lives, not just the past one.”

Her overriding philosophy is to share everything she sees, “even if it’s not all rainbows.”


Most people, she said, are excited by whatever insight she shares.

“I had this one girl, she was really young, she had a really strong Mars,” Magoon said. “She was kind of like a warrior girl. I was like, ‘You’re meant to be an entrepreneur and you’re meant to be the big shot,’ and she was kind of mousy and hadn’t stepped into it. I was like, ‘You can do this and it’ll take time and you can be more confident by doing this, this and this. You’ll be able to do this and it will fulfill you in all the ways you’re looking for.'”

Weird, Wicked Weird is a monthly feature on the strange, intriguing and unexplained in Maine. Send photos and ideas to kskelton@sunjournal.com.

Kati Magoon, a psychic and astrologer from Rumford, stands in front of the Hartford Town Office where Parapalooza, a psychic fair, will be held June 30. (Andree Kehn/Sun Journal)

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