LIVERMORE — Reports of a dead cat, bags of human feces, dirty diapers and used needles at Round Pond and Brettuns Pond beaches have selectmen considering closing them.

“Our beaches are a mess,” Highway Department Foreman Roger Ferland told the board Monday night.

Administrative Assistant Amy Byron said highway crew member Dan Boothby found a bag with a dead cat in it near the beach at Brettuns Pond.

Dirty diapers, bags filled with human feces and used needles were also removed from one or the other beaches, she said.

“People have no respect. It’s sad to see the messes,” Ferland said.

There were also reports of damaged picnic tables and stolen signs.


Selectman Wayne Timberlake said officials might have to close the Brettuns Pond town beach, fence it off, or restrict it to Livermore residents.

Byron said Boothby cleaned the boat launch area at Brettuns Pond on Friday, but there was trash there again Saturday.

“If we put a can out, it gets abused,” Byron said.

Timberlake said when cans were put out, people left household trash in them.

Selectmen agreed to remove a damaged picnic table from the Brettuns Pond.

Timberlake said a table was found in the water several times at Brettuns Pond.


Selectman Scott Richmond asked about signs.

Ferland said the carry in/carry out sign is missing from Round Pond beach in North Livermore. A handicapped sign there was stolen a few years ago.

If the highway crew stops cleaning up, people will complain the beach is nasty. If new signs are put up, they may disappear, Ferland said.

“Post signs in view of the highway. There’s a better chance they will last longer,” Timberlake suggested.

Byron said Wednesday afternoon that Boothby would be given protective gear to wear while cleaning the beaches.

A sign at The Pines boat launch on Brettuns Pond in Livermore lists rules for users. Selectmen said this week they may close town beaches at Round Pond in North Livermore and Brettuns Pond in Livermore if people continue leaving trash, damaging picnic tables and stealing signs. Dirty diapers, used needles, human feces and a bag with a dead cat have been found at the beaches. (Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser)