I have some ideas I would like to see incorporated into the Democratic Party platform. They are issues that many people are concerned about. They include:

• Affordable health care for all;

• Protecting Social Security and Medicare;

• Clean air and water;

• Affordable education;

• Repair and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure (roads, parks, etc.);


• Sensible immigration reform;

• Fair and reasonable taxation for all;

• Support for America’s NATO allies and trading partners;

• Don’t eliminate NAFTA, fix it (trade wars don’t benefit anyone);

I would add that Democrats should make sure that there is an agency monitoring cyber warfare that can prevent further voter and election interference. What Russia did was an act of war. Everyone should be concerned, regardless of who they voted for in 2016.

Party leadership should make sure that the campaign and the Democratic Party is not just the party against Trump.

Democrats need to coalesce behind a candidate who is moderate and will stand for those principles. In other words, Democrats need to compromise with the Republicans. Republicans are not the enemy, they are our family members and neighbors.

People of both parties need to stop the divisiveness and focus on what the people of this nation can accomplish by working together.

Frances Lockwood, Phillips

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