PORTLAND — The University of Southern Maine has announced the dean’s list for the 2018 spring semester.

Local students named to the list include:

Androscoggin County

Auburn: Katelyn Parsons, Reilly Johnson, Ellen Penley-Theis, Joshua Harris, Nikkita Drake, Hannah Footer, Sara Fitzgerald, Michelle Breton, Nicholas Esty, Brandon Pelletier, Danielle Gagne, Kailee Brown, Cathleen Bender, Elizabeth Pepin, Akosua Kavi and Steven Farrington.

Durham: Margo Ruby.

Greene: Courtney Caouette and Ashley Cyr.


Lewiston: Timothy Aliviado, Nairus Abdullahi, Kristina Caron, Dakota Tibbetts, Megan Usher, Sydney Usher, Brittni Foss, Alyssa Millett, Debra Perry, Jennifer Davis, Laurianne Murphy, Lewiston Safiya Khalid, Nathan Cook, Binto Mohamed, Jake Young, Kyla Curtis, Taylor Roy, Alexander Croyle, Rebecca Lapata, Morgan Eliasen and Allison Marston.

Lisbon: Eric Yim, Heather Veilleux, Christian Mcgowan, Falls Cosette Holmes, Tristam Coffin, Jake Angelico, Jodi Philippon and Michelle Hatherley.

Livermore: Evelyn Castonguay and Amia Pelletier.

Mechanic Falls: Kristina Larracey and Taylor Summers.

Minot: Angela Dubois and Allyson Power.

Poland: Sigrid Sibley, Derek Cash, Hannah Kenison, Mariah Lobley and Omar Gonzaga.


Sabattus: Alexis Fuller, Athena Ritcheson and Kyra Gamache.

Turner: Averi Varney, Ashlynne Everett, Chantel Eells, Michelle Pelletier and Bailey St. Pierre

Wales: Adam Mooney and Hayden Spencer.

Cumberland County

Bridgton: Kaylin Cook and James Kepler.

Casco: Colin Flaherty, Rayna Hunter, Zachary Tidd and Karlee Lewis.


Freeport: Emily Grotz, Thomas McLaughlin, Ethan Whited, Chanler Harrison, Melanie Prescott, Hannah MacKenzie and Clifford Anderson.

Gray: Sarah Rouleau and Andrew Watson.

Harrison: Adeline Casali.

Naples: Daniel Neault, Courtney Underwood, Cristina Bailey and Megan Thomas.

New Gloucester: Bryce Skilling, Trent Dexter, Kinder Sinclair, Mercedes Mendez-Swanson, Ashley Comeau, Joanna Densmore and Hannah Dixon.

Franklin County


Farmington: Furong Wang and Miranda Nicely.

Jay: Victoria Ouellette and Cameron Mitchell.

Salem: Mariah Ross.

Stratton: Jade Whiting.

Kennebec County

Litchfield: Courtney Severance, Lauren Beganny and Brittaney Marquis.


Monmouth: Madeline Stevens.

Readfield: Zachary Bessette, Hannah Dube, Gwendolyn Walsh, Lindsay Webber and Chloe Allen.

Winthrop: Mariah Reed, Emma Chapin, Rachael Froom and Anna Guerette.

Oxford County

Andover: Brianne Bailey and Lisa Gammon.

Bethel: Abigail Berryman and Christopher Chappie.


Carthage: Gus Brown.

Dixfield: Isaac White.

Hebron: Ashleigh Bonney.

Lovell: Mariah Davis.

Mexico: Zachary Cross.

Oxford: Dana Casey, Erica Jackson, Abriale Spinhirn and Aundrea Olson.


Paris: Zachary Gilbert and Molly Jordan.

Rumford: Rhonda Dobson Jillian Provencher and Anna Dunbar.

Sweden: Robert Belle-Isle.

Waterford: Savanna Morin.

West Paris: Prentiss Kurtz and Hope Godin.

Sagadahoc County

Topsham: Christopher DerStepanian, Devyn Vermette, Ella Carter, Jordon Jasper, Elsie Winokurzew, Jenise Hughes, Jessica Hart and Hayley Lapointe.

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