This is the situation as I understand it:

The expansion of Medicaid to low-income, able-bodied people was tried by the Democrats in 2002. Projections were made on the funding needed. That funding was expended quite rapidly, and the program had to be cancelled. Estimating the funds needed is difficult, mainly due to the unknown demand for services once they are offered.

Gov. Paul LePage says he will sign a Medicaid expansion bill if the Legislature would establish an adequate sustainable funding source. This is common sense. Partisan headlines mislead voters on the governor’s position. The Democrats have offered robbing Maine’s reserve funds, which they think would pay for one period’s funding. Then what?

After all of this time, the Democrats could not come up with a reasonable sustainable formula. They seem not to like the political repercussions in raising taxes or robbing other programs for funding.

The Maine Democrats are similar to those in the U.S. Congress in that they have scant sensible solutions for issues, but loudly criticize Republican ideas. In Congress, their only program is to obstruct whatever President Donald Trump wants to do. In spite of this, Republicans are getting things done.

The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has been met with a large campaign citing how he would rule on abortion issues. That is nonsense. How can he or the Democrats know how Kavanaugh will vote on issues before they come to the court? He is an experienced man of integrity.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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