My dictionary defines “collusion” as a secret agreement between two or more persons for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose. The public may never learn what was discussed in Helsinki and that sure reeks of collusion.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly called the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt,” but a lot of Russian warlocks were indicted.

A reporter from CNN was barred from the Rose Garden for asking questions about Vladimir Putin and Michael Cohen.

Eleven House Republicans are moving to impeach deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Are things getting too hot for Trump’s enablers?

Trump recently said that tariffs are “great,” but now he wants taxpayers to bail out America’s farmers to the tune of $12 billion.

In questioning by Congress, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that whatever the president utters is official policy. That should worry Democrats, Republicans and independents alike because the truth is a foreign concept to the president. If he were injected with sodium pentothal (truth serum) and was, therefore, incapable of lying, I think he would be stricken mute.

Gerard Decoteau, Lewiston

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