100 Years ago: 1918

(From a furniture store ad): This brass bed has 2-inch posts, 1-inch fillers, an absolute guaranteed ribbon satin finish and wonderfully constructed throughout. Regular price is $27.55. August sale price is only $19.75. Only a limited number of these beautiful beds and we advise selection at once.

50 Years Ago: 1968

Auburn Building Inspector Ralph Emery today reminded Auburn property owners and contractors that building permits must be obtained before construction work can begin. Emery said he has uncovered a number of individuals — including some contractors who should know better — “who have had to be prompted to obtain building permits for construction” the past couple of months.

25 Years Ago: 1993

Oxford police Sgt. Michael Clark is investigating why a car was partially submerged in the Little Androscoggin River here Monday and who owns it. The 1984 blue Datsun Centre was discovered by a boater behind police Chief Ronald Kugell’s residence and reported to police, Clark said. “I would say it was probably pushed in the river within the past three or four days.” There were no registration plates or (title) certificate in the vehicle, he said, and all the windows had been broken out.

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