I wish I had the power to end President Donald Trump’s dictatorship. But, speaking of dictatorships and rigged elections, Trump and his buddy, Vladimir Putin, are clones. They vowed to fight against terrorism, but there is evidence that Putin was connected to adversaries being physically killed while Trump does it politically.

How many times has Trump changed his mind after realizing his original, hasty decision was bad (the European Union, for example)? How many times has he espoused that Russia had nothing to do with the U.S. election? How many lies has he told?

Trump has criticized LeBron James, who has built a school for the poor kids, while Trump’s policies have led to thousands of innocent children being detained. Another professional athlete, Michael Jordan, indirectly denounces Trump’s numerous tweets. Is Trump afraid that such superstars are gaining too much popularity?

Can all the media be wrong about Trump? How can Press Secretary Sarah Sanders support him? Job security, for now?

Trump has pushed to appease farmers in the Midwest after he made a critical mistake with tariff policy. Those farmers want foreign markets for the future, not handouts for a few. Rallies in states that supported Trump are becoming fewer and fewer.

Canada, America’s closest ally, has reacted legitimately to Trump’s tariffs. Right now, the number of countries who are friendly with the U.S. is dwindling. I wonder why.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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