On Nov. 8, 2016, Americans elected Donald Trump as president. Anyone who disagrees should be called out.

He was elected to represent all 330 million Americans and their interests at home and abroad, not just one party or group. Unfortunately, those who disagree with his policies are seen as anti-Trump, moon bats (whatever that is), unpatriotic, or angry because Hillary lost.

People must remember that, as Americans, they have the constitutional right to speak out against elected leaders, including the president, when they feel leaders are committing acts that are not consistent with the position they hold.

People must recognize that no president has been constantly right because that is impossible. Because of that, people have an obligation to speak up; otherwise, America risks becoming a nation of blind sheep — something that Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and so many others needed to be successful.

Along with the book burning, the killing of lawyers, religious leaders, labor leaders and others, the previously named tyrants (who could never be considered to be sane or good for their countries) depended heavily on a controlled press. They knew then, as is known now, that anyone who controls the press can control the people.

People should be thoughtful when the term “fake news” is used. Why is it fake news? Who are the fake reporters and the real ones?

Just because people don’t like what they have read, heard or watched does not make it “fake news.”

People are smarter than that, aren’t they?

Joseph Mailey, Auburn

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