I recently received a letter from Rep. Bruce Poliquin explaining that he voted against a carbon tax because he is concerned about energy costs for Maine families. Rep. Poliquin’s vote shows he is actually not concerned about people’s well-being, at least not beyond the very short term. Nowhere in the letter does he mention the rationale behind the tax: climate change driven by the use of fossil fuels.

There has been plenty of examples of changing climate this summer, from massive wildfires to record-breaking temperatures and drought. The costs of these disasters are enormous and are currently born by taxpayers (who pay for firefighters and disaster relief). Impacts to public health are born mostly by the elderly and children, who are vulnerable to bad air and heat stroke.

Carbon taxes are a rational, prudent, market-based mechanism to help the nation move to a new energy economy.

Those who care about the state of Maine and God’s good Earth, should support candidates for public office who will prioritize health and well being, with a shift to new energy economies that will be good for everyone.

Jane Costlow, Auburn

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