In his letter to the editor (Aug. 19), Glenn Chateauvert confuses journalism and opinion. Of course, letters and columns are biased, because they are opinions. The Sun Journal publishes opinions on all sides in the appropriate section.

Good journalists present as much of a story as they can find and it might take several days or weeks to uncover everything.

Front page stories on President Donald Trump often sound biased because Trump has generated his own bias in tweets. For instance, an article printed Aug. 20 that stated “Nixon’s lawyer a RAT” tells people what Trump has said about John Dean. The Associated Press writer tried to show balance, even quoting Dean for that other point of view. It still sounds bad.

I do agree with Chateauvert’s closing statement that people should let go of hate and co-exist, but people should also try to understand all points of view.

By the way, he is incorrect about Obama’s daughters. They and their parents were called vile names many times.

The hatred continues on both sides. That is too bad, but journalists are not the enemy.

Nancy Marcotte, South Paris

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