Walter Brennan was an actor from times past who played many different roles in various movies and in television. In one of his roles there would invariably be some accomplishment or victory. In that role, when asked about his ability to accomplish something or be victorious, he would just respond, “No brag, just fact..

In our state and nation, we have two leaders who seem to be always under attack. With Gov. Paul LePage and President Donald Trump these attacks are relentless.

This writer would be the first to agree that some, even many, of the comments that are vocalized by these two leaders would be better not uttered or by using a better choice of words. However, we the people elect leaders to produce results not words.

What are the results produced by these two leaders?

Let us forget the words and just focus on the facts which are displayed by their results.

When Gov. LePage began his first term, he inherited huge problems that had been created by previous administrations and state legislators. These problems were the product of Democrats, Republicans and independents.


The state of Maine was deeply in debt, unemployment was extremely high, the state’s economy was stagnant, and the answer to everything seemed to be to raise taxes, borrow more money, or institute new fees. Gov. LePage has fought with the Democrats and sometimes his own party to make changes that would produce positive results.

What are the results?

After eight years of Gov. LePage’s leadership, Maine’s economy is growing significantly. Using numbers from the U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the gross domestic product in Maine has grown by over 18 percent during a time when the first six of those years saw the overall United States economy be relatively stagnant.

What has happened with unemployment?

In 2010, Maine’s unemployment rate was near 8 percent. The latest numbers currently show a 2.7 percent rate, which is a 40-year low. Virtually everywhere you look there are “Help Wanted” signs displayed.

What about Maine’s debt?


While we still have too much debt, Gov. LePage has resisted new debt, reduced spending in many areas, and Maine currently has a budget surplus as opposed to annual deficits.

What about taxes?

Gov. LePage lead the effort to reduce taxes on Mainers and is trying to get the Legislature to align Maine’s income tax with the new federal tax legislation that would further reduce taxes for some folks.

President Donald Trump has enraged the Progressives (Democrats). How dare someone make numerous promises during a presidential campaign and then do their utmost to keep them.

President Trump promised to stop illegal immigration, stimulate the economy, cut taxes, reduce regulations, and make Supreme Court appointments that were in line with the original intent of the U. S. Constitution.

While President Trump policies have greatly reduced illegal immigration, he has not been able to get Congress to fund building a wall, which is supported by a majority of Americans.


Under President Obama, we were told by “economic experts” and the President himself that America would no longer be able to expect economic growth (GDP) to exceed 1.5-2.0 percent. President Trump’s enthusiasm about economic growth and his resulting policies have resulted in 4.1 percent growth in the second quarter of the year, with a recent economist projecting 4.6 percent.

This growth along with significant reduced regulation has unleashed businesses to create jobs and produce competition for employees that has resulted in significant wage increases.

And, then, there is the Supreme Court.

Judge Neil Gorsuch has proven to be a superb pick. Even some Democrats had to admit in confirmation hearings that he was imminently qualified. Judge Brett Kavanaugh has  now been nominated and once again his credentials seem to be impeccable. Judge Kavanaugh will likely be confirmed within a couple of months.

As we see the Supreme Court strengthened with conservative, original intent nominees, we can hope for a return to a nation of laws.

There is a moral to this story. When you hear or read all of the rhetoric about Gov. LePage or President Trump, simply ignore the noise and fanfare and look for the facts (results).


We need a strong economy. We need businesses to be productive and successful. We need our folks to find jobs that pay good wages.

There is also a lesson to this story. We have very important elections coming up in a little over two months. We need to continue on a path that will keep us moving in the current direction. 

We need conservative elected officials who recognize that government is not the solution to all problems, but more often than not, it is the problem. 

Vote for those who promise to let the people of Maine and America prosper by keeping government out of the way and encouraging growth.  

Another View is a weekly column written collaboratively by Dale Landrith of Camden, Ken Frederic of Bristol, Paul Ackerman of Martinsville and Jan Dolcater of Rockport.

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