I can’t believe the Sun Journal chose to publish an article and post the pictures of several men caught trying to engage a prostitute. Yes, they did something wrong, but I don’t think the whole world, let alone the town they live in, needs to know. The crime of engaging a prostitute is not like a drug dealer or a murderer who causes harm to the public.

I am sure it was hard enough for those men to go home to their families and explain why they were arrested. But the only people the incidents crush are the significant others. Affairs are hard enough to deal with in private; I can’t imagine the pain it caused to have it blasted in the public.

I think the Sun Journal owes those families an apology. The men’s actions were a minor crime that the Sun Journal made public. That should never have made the paper.

It is sad that the Sun Journal is going after the shock factor. My heart breaks for the wives of those men. I hope the newspaper’s editors feel good about crushing an unknowing spouse. They not only have to deal with the pain, they also have to deal with everyone knowing something that is so personal.

Lisa Carroll, Auburn