LIVERMORE — Friday afternoon Spruce Mountain Primary School held grandparents’s day activities for the second year in a row. Several attendees were from the greater Farmington area.

Prior to the 1 p.m. scheduled start, hundreds of people were lined up outside the gym doors waiting to be allowed inside. Last year, attendees were asked to wait in the playground area, but rainy weather that morning moved everything inside.

Once allowed indoors, the gym quickly filled to overflowing for the welcome by principal Kevin Harrington.

Shannon Chase Smith of Wilton was one of the first to enter the gym. She was there for her grandson, Kindergarten student Corbin Bibeau of Livermore.

Smith had travelled from Fryeburg where she is staying in preparation for the fair next week.

“I drove two hours for a 45 minute meeting. I thought twice about it, but you do what you have to,” she said.


Soon afterwards John Archer of Chesterville made his way into the gym. He was there for his grandson, Austin Churchill, who lives in Jay.

One grandparent exclaimed, “Holy cow. Where are they going to put all these people?”

Friday afternoon hundreds of grandparents attended grandparents’ day activities at Spruce Mountain Primary School in Livermore. Seen at left is John Archer of Chesterville while waiting for a greeting by the prinicipal. Archer’s grandson, Austin Churchill, lives in Jay. (Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal)

“Come closer. We’ll all get cozy. How was the parking? Staff parked across the street today,” Harrington said.

He said grandparents would go to their grandchildren’s classroom to see that area and the work being done. The grandchildren would then give a tour of the building, finishing up in the cafeteria where snacks were waiting to be enjoyed.

Harrington said students in the Pre-K program would have their grandparents’ day the end of October.

Notices had been sent home with many children detailing their teacher and class location. For those who hadn’t received the information, staff members were on hand to help direct visitors.


In Brandy Latham’s Kindergarten class, some grandparents read books while others were shown around the classroom or commented on the special artwork their grandchildren had made for them.

The hallways were filled with children eagerly showing off the building.

In the cafeteria, several tables were laden with fruit and a variety of sweets. Some grandparents gave their grandchildren a limit on how many they could take.

At many tables, grandparents sat and talked with their grandchildren. Others took time and caught up with friends also attending the event. Most stayed for only a brief time as more people were waiting to enter the cafeteria.

Several grandparents from the Farmington area attended grandparents’ day activities at the Spruce Mountain Primary School in Livermore. Pictured from right is Darlene Mooar of Farmington, her granddaughter Cathryn Greenleaf and her friend Madisen Estabrook, both of Jay. (Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal)

Near the school’s office, Darlene Mooar of Farmington was seen with her granddaughter Cathryn Greenleaf of Jay. Cathryn’s friend, Madisen Estabrook, also of Jay, was with them.

While chaotic at times, the afternoon was clearly a success for the students and their guests.

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