“May you live in interesting times,” has often been identified as a Chinese curse. I say amen to that, because these are very, very interesting times.

When did the level of drama involving women’s rights, politics and religion ever reach such heights? All three at the same time? Not since women’s suffrage; not since the start of this country; not even since the reformation.

Women are now leading the way as they challenge the “good ole boy” network over their rights that were so conveniently omitted from the Constitution and never seriously considered by the church.

Sexual harassment was allowed to become an accepted way of life for several generations. It has been skillfully hidden, mindfully concealed and, when exposed, vehemently denied and defended. No group with a patriarchal power structure has been immune.

Now comes the difficult times.

To put things right, people must stop following the person in front just because of habit or tradition. People must question “where is he or she going; what is he or she doing?” More precisely, people must question authority, be it political or religious.

It is time to look behind the curtain, follow the money, use the little gray cells. It isn’t easy, but it must be done. Make way for #metoo.

Jim Keough, Topsham

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