The Brett Kavanaugh controversy has made the country focus on rape. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center says one in ?ve American women is raped and 81 percent of women report significant short- or long-term impacts from rape.

Date rape drugs such as GHB and rohypnol are concealed in a drink to make a girl helpless to fight back. She might not report the rape because of fears of the rapist, frantic parents and cruel gossip. Girls are not insulted for being beaten up; why do people insult them for being raped? Rape and attempted rape are serious crimes.

The lack of a witness to a rape is meaningless. Who would rape a girl in front of a witness unless the witness was involved?

Adult film actress Tasha Reign has been visiting fraternities to talk about sex. She tells boys to always ask, “Is this OK with you?” and to wait for a “yes,” and teaches them that it is not possible to have consensual sex when drunk. Reign says many boys get their sex education from porn — a very poor source. Clearly, education is needed about sex, consent, date rape drugs and alcohol in homes, high schools and, perhaps, online.

Parents are obviously the most important resource. What if daughters felt free to tell their mothers about sexual harassment and what really goes on at parties? What if fathers taught their sons to respect girls as equals, instead of as prey? Girls would be much safer and happier.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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