I have been working in the home care field for more than 30 years now. The pay for home care workers is low. The attention and care needed by people with disabilities and seniors from the home care services are not always enough.

Question 1 will allow home care recipients to live decent lives in their places of choice and among their own families or partners. That will also make it possible that family members would no longer be forced to choose between caring for their loved ones and putting food on their tables.

Maine is the oldest state in the nation and, in the coming years, the numbers of people in need of some sort of home care services will increase drastically. While family members of home care recipients will be able to care for their loved ones, the home care workers field will grow and attract workers. This great occupation will finally be considered decent and professional like any other profession.

That is why I support Question 1.

Barbara Hersom, Lewiston

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