Folks are getting a lot of political messages these days via mail, email, television, roadside signs and so forth. One can find some hysteria on both sides of the aisle, but lately some of the messages from the Republican side have become hilarious or alarming — take your pick. This just came from the FedUp PAC:

“The only way we can prevent disaster in November is to nationalize the election by branding the Democrats as dangerous far-left radical, mean-spirited and violent socialists.”

It would seem that the Republican’s are desperate, claiming that anyone the slightest bit liberal must tilt far to the left and be wildly radical. Anyone complaining about the name-caller-in-chief is obviously mean-spirited. Everyone who favors expanding health care and protecting civil rights is a clearly socialist, and violent at that.

Well, brand away. What will they call the independent voters who lean to the left?

Edward Walworth, Lewiston

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