Disasters around the world remind me of the plagues of Egypt in biblical times. In my opinion, people have created the chaos that exists, so why blame God?

People build houses on floodplains or too near rivers or the ocean.

Exhaust gases from airplanes, factories, rockets going into outer space mix with other chemicals in the atmosphere, causing acid rain that kills vegetation, pollutes rivers and kills fish. That is the fault of people.

Forests are denuded of trees and vegetation, causing mudslides.

Environmental changes are creating droughts which lead to famine.

Not repairing bridges, highways and levees can create more disasters.


Sewage should be buried, not left to spread plague; nor should it be dumped in rivers or the ocean. I have heard that a lot of garbage and sewage is dumped into the ocean by cruise ships and other vessels.

The lord made humans to be caretakers of all things on Earth. When he returns, will he find beautiful scenery or a dump site?

Humankind may perish due to the mess it has created.

Gabrielle De Moras, Lewiston

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