Jim Handy claims to be a pro-education candidate, but his track record as chair of the Lewiston School Committee would read differently.

While Handy did recently vote to make the proficiency-based diploma a choice for local districts, it simply cannot erase the years of decisions that negatively impacted Lewiston public schools. Under Handy’s leadership, there was a rapid shift to a proficiency-based education system in Lewiston, even though it was never required by law. The negative results of that unnecessary change are still being felt today as the district attempts to undo the damage and determine what is best for students and teachers moving forward.

A pro-education candidate is one that would welcome challenging conversations with key education stakeholders, one who would want to hear all opinions, whether in agreement or in opposition.

Jim Handy’s track record and behavior have proven that he is not that candidate.

Bonnie Bannister, Lewiston

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